World Day for Safety and Health at Work – the approach of FASET and our members

On 28th April, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) marks its World Day for Safety and Health at Work. As the established trade association and training body for the safety netting and temporary safety systems industry, FASET is pleased to observe this day.

FASET membership – an exclusive safe club

FASET has long been a foundation in supporting its members with expert quality guidance, dedicated working at height training and exclusive membership benefit schemes all with the intention of promoting a safer way of working. Being a FASET member is a symbol of trust and ensuring complete peace of mind when businesses choose our members to partner with. All members undergo a rigorous audit which is now accredited by SSiP and is therefore mutually recognised with other health and safety assessment schemes – vitally important if you or your colleagues work at height.

FASET has well over 50 member organisations, each of which has demonstrated the highest commitment to being a safe and responsible practitioner of working at height.

Brilliant Ideas

To improve construction site safety when working at height, Brilliant Ideas Ltd has developed a unique innovation called the Safety Net Recovery System. It’s the quickest recovery system on the market and takes just 3½ minutes to recover someone who has fallen into a net – but isn’t in a position to get themselves out.

Their team understands first-hand how important this is. Their interest in working safely at height is based on personal experience, involving one of their colleagues – it was this incident that prompted them to head to the drawing board to develop the system. You can read the story behind their innovation here Net Recovery System | Brilliant Ideas (

It’s the winner of two health and safety industry awards from both British Precast and FASET. It was also shortlisted in last year’s British Construction Industry Awards and Building Innovation Industry Awards.

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