Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings are currently being held via Teams. Upcoming 2024 meetings:-

8th May – Health, Safety & Technical

9th May – Platform Decking

30th May – Board

9th August – Platform Decking

21st August – Health, Safety & Technical

30th August – Board

30th October – Health, Safety & Technical

1st November – Platform Decking

15th November – Board

28th November – AGM



The FASET Board is made up by a number of members who give a lot of time to travel to meetings each year, ensuring that the association is run efficiently and in the best interest of the members.

By attending other FASET meetings throughout the year and receiving all minutes, the Board are able to ensure the association is acting with the best interest of its members and the industry as a whole in mind.

There are usually four Board meetings per year, where the accounts, correspondence, industry issues and any member problems are discussed and decisions made on what actions should be taken. The Board works effectively as it is made up by members working in all aspects of the industry FASET represents.

Current members are:

• Rob Harris – 3-Education Ltd

• Colin Jackson – Nationwide Safety Ltd

• John Howard – Boris Nets Ltd

• Mark Pickles – G&M Safety Netting Ltd

• Mike Atkinson – PMC Safety Netting Ltd

• Richard Brokenshire – Structural Metal Decks Ltd

• Nick Smith – Trad Safety Systems Ltd

• Chris Massey – Beresford’s Flooring Ltd





Health, Safety & Technical Committee

Health, Safety & Technical Committee

All members are encouraged to attend this committee, which steers all of the guidance, research and testing carried out by FASET

Holding four meetings a year, this committee reviews any work done by any other committee or working party in developing guidance, best practices, testing or research but predominantly oversees all safety netting work. As this committee is usually attended by circa 20 members, the wealth of knowledge and experience ensures that all work is carried out objectively and for the good of the industry as a whole.

This committee allows members and the industry the opportunity to discuss problems they are facing, safety issues and the need for further guidance. The FASET H,S & T Committee were active in feeding information back to the recently reviewed BS EN 13374.

Edge Protection Committee

Edge Protection Committee

This committee was formed to discuss the needs for increased guidance on roof height temporary edge protection and create a suitable, recognised training course.

Although the work on this is complete for the time being, the committee remains in place so the course and industry developments can be reviewed and changes made when necessary.

The course covers the safe installation of an edge protection system to an engineer’s design, and the relevant standards associated with temporary edge protection.

Stair Tower Committee

Stair Tower Committee

The Stair Tower committee is not currently active, having spent a great deal of time bringing together manufacturers’ and users to develop a generic training course on the safe erection of stair towers.

The committee remains in place so that course content and industry developments can be monitored and reviewed.

Roof Over-Netting Committee

Roof Over-Netting Committee

With the involvement of the HSE, this committee was developed to evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of Roof Over-Netting (RON).

Roof Over-Netting is becoming more commonplace due to the need of replacing fragile roofs on industrial and agricultural buildings where it is not always possible to install safety netting under the roof structure. As a last resort, some installers have been forced to lay nets over the top of the roof, thus supplying a level of protection for roofers should they step or fall into the roof during their works.

The committee first discussed the methods employed by those FASET Members involved in this specialist work, with an aim of developing guidance for its safe use. It quickly became apparent that testing was required to evaluate the effectiveness of this method of netting, so a test rig was built with fragile roof sheets secured to perlins and over-netted.

A test mass was dropped into the test rig, with a variety of roof fixings, perlins and nets being used. This testing led to the need for another days testing, using a rig of a larger size with smaller bay centres to evaluate whether the net performed differently. The committee has recently met to agree in what format guidance should be produced and work is ongoing to develop this into something the industry can refer to.

Training for both operatives, supervisors and managers is now being developed which will cover safe working practices, installation methods and safety considerations. This training will be re-enforced with a syllabus of information to be delivered by the supervisor at each job.

Tensioned Access Platform Committee

Tensioned Access Platform Committee

More and more frequently the industry is looking to use Tensioned Access Platforms (TAP) in place of other access solutions such as Birdcage Scaffolds.

These systems, using a variety of materials and attachments, can provide a quicker, cheaper and lighter access method for a number of activities, such as maintenance and repair.

The committee was formed by a number of manufacturers and installers of these systems to create common guidance for the industry, which highlighted the need for testing of the materials used to be completed.

Just recently, FASET took possession of a commissioned test rig specifically for this reason, enabling different “platform materials” such as netting and meshes to be tensile tested on a small scale. The data obtained will then be used to ensure computer modelling software can accurately give the performance criteria of the systems in a variety of situations.

Testing is currently taking place, so keep checking for updates which will of course be reported in our e-newsletter.

tensioned access platform

Access Platform Decking Committee

Access Platform Decking Committee

As the house-build industry goes from strength to strength, contractors are increasingly looking for a system which provides collective access for builders at eaves height, enabling them to work both within and outside of the structure. Access Platform Decking combines quick installation, with strength, allowing users to safely access, work from and load the decking with materials.

FASET has been working with the industry and CSCS and has now introduced training and assessment schemes on these specialist systems.  Trainees receive a certificate of training from FASET and following assessment are eligible to obtain a Blue Skilled CSCS Card.

Soft Landing Systems

Soft Landing Systems

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