Faset is recognised as a lead body in the temporary safety systems sector by providing training, assessment & competence cards (via CSCS).

Choosing industry accredited training should be a simple and straightforward decision. For complete peace of mind:

We have numerous training centres throughout the UK where training and assessment takes place.

Re-assessment and continuing CPD forms part of what we do as every aspect of temporary safety systems is safety critical and is installed to save lives.

All elements have a managers course for those who control the works on their sites or have safety responsibilities, or simply want to know more.


The links below offer further information into each specific type of training, including the full range of elements covered by FASET. We have also provided information on where to access the training. Please check the links below for more.



Did you know?

FASET training is carried out worldwide. We have resident trainers in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information on our international training we offer, please contact us.

Training & Assessment Update – 23 July 2020


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown measures put in place by HM Government/Devolved Governments, operatives may have been temporarily unable to get re-assessed for FASET Qualifications.  FASET Managers Courses (such as Nets for Managers and Stair Tower and Edge Protection for Managers) and Net Repair Certificates are affected in the same way as the re-assessments.


Accordingly, there are operatives that may have expired CSCS cards or FASET certificates as follows:-

  • Safety Net Repair
  • Safety Nets for Managers
  • Stair Towers and Edge Protection for Managers
  • Platform Decking for Managers

FASET will be asking anyone encountering expired CSCS cards that require a FASET GSA Assessment to be renewed, and any expired certificates listed above, to use their discretion towards those card/certificate holders to allow them to work on sites.


As training and assessment has now recommenced, FASET will return to normal expectations for timely renewals and re-assessments at the end of September 2020.


We will continue to monitor this situation, and will publish information on our website if this changes.


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