Safety Net Rigger Training

This is the central course offered by FASET, designed for all operatives looking to become qualified to install safety nets. Safety netting is a life-critical industry and as such, demonstrating competence is a thorough process.

The process is simple:

  • Complete the one day FASET Safety Net Rigger Course.
  • Register on the Safety Net Rigger NVQ with your training provider.
  • Complete the CSCS Work At Height Test.
  • Apply to FASET for your Red Trainee Safety Net Rigger card. This card has an 18 month life, in which time you are able to work under the supervision of a Blue Carded Safety Net Rigger. You are not deemed to be competent to install safety nets at this point.
  • Gain experience in safety net rigging and working with your training provider, complete your NVQ portfolio and assessments.
  • Once you have completed your NVQ, apply to FASET for your Blue Skilled Worker Safety Net Rigger Card. This card deems you to be competent to rig safety nets and has a 5 year life. When your card is due for renewal, you have a 12 month window (6 months either side of your expiry date) to complete your General Site Assessment (GSA-1) which will allow you to renew your card.

All FASET Training is delivered by our Training Centres. Please make direct contact with them regarding pricing and availability.  CLICK HERE


The FASET Safety Net Rigger course and qualification covers a wide range of associated disciplines and includes the following units:

  • Conforming to General Safety in the Workplace
  • Conforming to Efficient Working Practices in the Workplace
  • Moving and Handling Resources in the Workplace
  • Utilising Provision of Fall Protection Systems in the Workplace
  • Installing and Removing Safety Net Rigging in the Workplace
  • Preparing and Operating Scissor-type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) in the Workplace
  • Preparing and Operating Boom-type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) in the Workplace
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