Help the CLC establish the routes into construction

We are pleased to share the following release form the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), asking for people to complete a Routes into Industry survey by 28th July.

Our industry is experiencing major change with both demand for skilled workers and new skills happening at the same time.

The move to Net Zero is accelerating this; creating new jobs with new skills, but as importantly increasing the need for more construction workers as we build new non-fossil fuel power stations, windfarms, solar farms, infrastructure and retrofit some 29 million domestic and commercial premises.

How we can both attract people into our industry whilst skilling people up for the new ways of working in a ‘green’ economy are crucial questions for us. We must focus on all our workforce i.e. crafts, operative, professional, technical, managerial and supply chain.

To help us understand the best way forward the Construction Leadership Council is undertaking a survey to establish the routes into our industry we currently use and views on how these need to change, as well as what other ways we might deploy.

We want employers, employer organisations, trade and professional bodies from across the sector to contribute: house building, commercial, civil engineering and infrastructure, building services, related M&E and in our industry’s supply chain.

We are asking people to complete a simple survey by 28 July, see link below.

We hope you will find the time, in what we know are busy schedules, to help us all find the right way forward.

Complete the survey here.

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