CSCS Smart Check: FASET training course expiry dates

CSCS Smart Check – which was developed by the thirty-eight card schemes displaying the CSCS logo – allows those responsible for checking cards to verify over two million construction workers training and qualifications using a single app.

Having already improved card checking procedures at site gates, further enhancements to the app’s functionality are soon to be announced.

Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training (FASET) has found an issue with the app which means whilst a card may be valid, it does not highlight that certain safety critical qualifications shown as endorsements on the card have expired. We have raised this with the team behind the app at CSCS, and we are working with them to find a resolution.

The purpose of CSCS Smart Check is to prove to those checking cards that the card is genuine, whether this is a physical or digital card. Those at the site gate and checking on project entry should confirm a card is genuine, and then make further checks on the card for details such as safety critical training and qualifications, CPD, additional functionality and other certifications specific to that industry.

CSCS is asking those responsible for checking the skills and training records of FASET card holders to continue to use the CSCS Smart Check app to confirm the card is valid but to also use the Go Smart app to confirm the card holder’s complete training qualification records.

Alan O’Neile, Head of Communications at CSCS, said: “Additional safety courses are not displaying their expiry dates on FASET cards, and this will be resolved in the coming weeks. If Go Smart confirms the FASET training records are not up to date then entry to site should not be allowed. If you are unable to use the Go Smart app, then please contact FASET directly.”

CSCS is committed to keeping the industry updated on the app’s progress and further announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

We at FASET will continue to keep you updated until the issue with the Smart Check app has been resolved.

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