Build UK’s guide to building safety regime endorsed by CLC

We are pleased to share the following from the website of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC). Looking ahead to a host of regulations under the Building Safety Act coming into effect from 1 October 2023, the CLC is sharing Build UK’s guide to the new building safety regime to ensure businesses across the sector are aware of their responsibilities and support the delivery of buildings that are safe.

The comprehensive guide, which is being regularly updated as secondary legislation and supporting guidance is published, includes information on:

  • New bodiesthat will provide effective oversight of the new regime
  • New responsibilitiesfor all those who design, build, own or manage Higher Risk Buildings
  • New systemsdesigned to improve levels of competence and raise standards of building safety
  • Existing legislationwhich will be reformed
  • Other activities outside the scope of the Act but related to building safety.


Build UK has also published a timeline showing at a glance when the key changes are taking effect. From 1 October, the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) will become the Building Control Body for Higher‐Risk Buildings, Gateways Two and Three will come into force, and all new High-Rise Residential Buildings will be required to be registered before they can be occupied.

Karl Whiteman, CLC Industry Sponsor for Building Safety, said:

The new building safety regime represents the most significant change to industry regulation in a generation, and the CLC is pleased to endorse this guide from Build UK which provides an easy-to-read overview of what it means for businesses across the supply chain. We all have a part to play in delivering buildings that are safe, and I would encourage everyone to read the guide and consider the implications for your organisations.

Suzannah Nichol, Build UK Chief Executive and a member of the Building Advisory Committee, said:

We believe that helping the whole supply chain to see the bigger picture will make it easier for everyone to understand where they fit in and what their responsibilities are. No one company or organisation can do this alone. We talk a lot about collaboration and this really does need a combined effort from Team Construction.

Download the Build UK guide here.

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