Announcing NASC’s updated SG4:22 user guide

The National Access and Scaffolding Federation (NASC) has delivered an update to SG4, which has become the industry standard for preventing falls in scaffolding operations. Their safety and technical guides, created by NASC’s committees, ensure compliance and safety for managers and operatives alike.

The expanded SG4 User Guide, featuring enhanced pictorial examples of safe practices, focuses on prevention and protection measures, including the “scaffolders safe zone.” It now reflects industry changes, such as new technologies (drones and 3D modelling) and additional safety guidance on working with beams and modular system scaffolding.

NASC is at the forefront of industry safety, producing industry and client technical and safety guides, continuously updated to stay relevant.

Don’t miss out on their SG4 User Guide this summer! Copies of SG4 will be available to purchase through the NASC online shop, with members enjoying a complimentary copy and up to 60% off.

Because when it comes to safe scaffolding, it has to be NASC. #ItHasToBeNASC

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