The last year has presented some of the toughest challenges in a generation. The threat of COVID to our physical health and the toll on our mental health as a consequence of the adjustments we’ve all had to make have been huge.

For any ‘front line’ service provider, the pandemic posed the further challenge of how to return its staff to work safely. This included the construction sector and its significant FM supply chain.

Mental Health Awareness Week is happening right now: 10th to 16th May. Individuals and organisations can get involved by:

  • Speaking out and sharing why they’re fighting. Reading or hearing other people’s battles and triumphs is inspiring and has the power to help countless others.
  • Mental Health UK spends donation on – among other things – improving access support groups across the UK; running its Mental Health and Money Advice service; and providing access to information such as mental health information guides.

FASET – Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training – is the trade association and training body for the safety netting and temporary safety systems industry. We obsess on the safety of everyone in the construction and FM sectors and take a keen interest in all matters relating to health and safety, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental health and physical health are interlinked and initiatives such as Mental Health Awareness Week help to promote this idea and encourage people to be open with the idea of sharing their experiences and seeking help and advice.

FASET gives guidance and training specifically for people who work at height. Our intention is to help eliminate falls from height, which remain the most common cause of injury and death at work. Those who are involved in a fall from height often suffer mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, in addition to their physical injuries.

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