Re-evaluating training and certification for the “new normal”

FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) has long been a foundation in supporting its members with expert quality guidance, dedicated training and exclusive membership benefit schemes all with the intention of promoting a safer way of working. We strive to achieve extremely high standards with our training and guidance and that is shown through our trusted and reliable contractors, manufacturers and trainers in the industry.

The advent of COVID-19 and its far-reaching consequences for the workspace in all industries has raised the question of what organisations need to do to prepare their employees for safe working post-COVID-19.

There is a renewed emphasis on training, with the public looking for a safer experience – they may gravitate toward facilities that show a higher level of commitment as lockdown is eased. It is now embedded in the consciousness of the majority of people that extra sanitation measures and a reduction in unnecessary physical contact is now part of our everyday practice.

At the same time, there is now a greater emphasis on health and safety in all areas. Construction and facilities management are industry sectors in which many aspects of work are safety-critical, often taking place at height. As the HSE points out, falls from height remain the most common cause of injury in the workplace. It is the aim of FASET to work towards the elimination of accidents as a result of falls from height.

All FASET members undergo a rigorous audit which is now accredited by SSiP and is therefore mutually recognised with other health and safety assessment schemes.

FASET training courses are designed to enable candidates to obtain a CSCS Red Trainee Card which can be changed for a CSCS Blue Skilled Worker Card once experience has been gained and the candidate has passed a thorough assessment.

The CSCS Blue Skilled Worker Card is the only evidence that an operative has undergone extensive training and assessment in the relevant proficiency.  The training courses that FASET run result in the following cards:

  • Safety Net Rigger
  • Edge Protection Operative (tube and fitting type systems)
  • Stair Tower Operative
  • Platform Decking

The ‘new normal’ has brought a wave of new challenges as well as opportunities and FASET is a keen observer of the latest developments and initiatives from the government post-COVID-19. As the construction industry’s not-for-profit organisation that promotes safety amongst workers, FASET exists to give its support individuals and organisations.

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