Welcoming our latest additions to the FASET board

The largest Annual General Meeting (AGM) to date commenced with the election of two new additions to the FASET board.

Over 100 members voted to appoint both Julie Cheetham of Safe Edge Ltd and Chris Bateman of Prodek Safety Systems Ltd to the board, with unanimous agreement.

Tony Seddon, FASET Managing Director, said, “We’re honoured to have Julie and Chris join the FASET board, bringing their expertise and real-world experience in the safety netting and temporary safety systems industry. Their unique perspectives are invaluable to the association and will benefit our members, their employees, and clients through guidance and training long into the future.”

Speaking on the recent appointment, Julie Cheetham, Managing Director of Safe Edge Ltd, said, “I am honoured and excited to bring my industry experience to the board at FASET. Having been with Safe Edge Ltd for 15 years, starting in the finance department, I am immensely proud to now be in a position where I sit on the board as the first woman at both FASET and the Edge Protection Federation.”

Julie’s appointment to the board marks a historic moment for the association. While long overdue, it signals a positive step in recognizing the talent of our female colleagues within the industry.

Chris Bateman is the Managing Director of three FASET member companies: Prodek Safety System, Revdek Ltd, and Revnet Safety Systems Ltd.

Following the appointment, Chris said, “I am very much looking forward to being an active member of the FASET Board and contributing to the future direction of the organization. Recent developments with Persimmon Homes and platform decking standards are exciting for the continued raising of standards in the sector and for the growth of the membership of FASET.”

Chris’ experience will prove to be an invaluable source of advice and guidance spanning the installation and manufacturing of safety netting.

Further to the above appointments, John Howard, Colin Jackson, and Chris Massey retired by rotation and offered themselves for re-election, of which the membership unanimously agreed, and all three were re-elected.

The FASET board is made up of 10 members, spanning a range of specialisms across the United Kingdom. Each member gives a significant amount of their time to travel to and attend meetings every year. Their commitment ensures the industry and a member-first mindset are at the forefront of the association’s objectives.

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