As the trade association and training body for the safety netting and temporary safety systems industry, FASET aims to keep right up to date with the latest news from around the construction industry, particularly regarding working safely at height, as well as responding to the latest measures and constraints regarding the COVID pandemic.

Vaccinations are essential to keeping the economy open, and Build UK partner @citationltd has published guidance for employers on developing and implementing a vaccination policy for staff. The guidance document can be viewed here.

The key questions covered are:

  • Do I need a vaccination policy?
  • Can I ask my employees if they have been vaccinated?
  • Can I keep a record of whether my employees have been vaccinated?
  • Can I suggest to my employees that they should be vaccinated?
  • Can I require any job applicants to declare whether or not they’ve been vaccinated or not?
  • How can I prove that an employee is exempt from self-isolation if they’ve been vaccinated?
  • How should I deal with employees who are required to quarantine after travelling abroad?

Citation is a Partner of Build UK and operates the Build UK HR and Health & Safety Helpline. To access this helpline, please phone Citation on 0345 844 4848 and quote ‘Build UK - Advice Card Number 95730’.

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