Update on Building Safety Act

The #BuildingSafetyAct makes ground-breaking reforms to give residents and homeowners more rights, powers, and protections – so homes across the country are safer.

Build UK, the leading representative organisation for the UK construction industry, tweeted yesterday that with the Building Safety Act now in force, building control capacity needs to be strengthened to take on new responsibilities and support the Building Safety Regulator with oversight of 12,000 existing tall buildings and the safety of all new higher risk buildings.

The Act itself delivers far-reaching protections for qualifying leaseholders from the costs associated with remediating historical building safety defects, and an ambitious toolkit of measures that will allow those responsible for building safety defects to be held to account.

It overhauls existing regulations, creating lasting change and makes clear how residential buildings should be constructed, maintained and made safe.

The Act creates three new bodies to provide effective oversight of the new regime: the Building Safety Regulator, the National Regulator of Construction Products and the New Homes Ombudsman.

Together these changes mean owners will manage their buildings better, and the home-building industry has the clear, proportionate framework it needs to deliver more, and better, high-quality homes.

Many of the detailed provisions in the Act will be implemented over the next two years through a programme of secondary legislation.

Consultations on secondary legislation related to the Building Safety Act can be accessed at Building safety consultations.

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