Study reveals growing levels of transparency around mental health at work

As the established trade association and training body for the safety netting and temporary safety systems industry, FASET aims to always keep up to date with the latest news from the building access industry. We are pleased to share the following story from FM Business Daily.

A new survey of 8,000 UK adults has highlighted an increase in mental health transparency in the workplace.

This year 35% of UK employees said they called in sick due to poor mental health but gave another reason. While this is a significant percentage, it is lower than the findings from Nuffield Health’s 2022 report, with the previous figure being 39%.

This is especially significant given that Nuffield Health’s 2023, Healthier Nation Index, also revealed that over one in four people (29%) now feel comfortable enough to disclose to their employer if they need time off due to poor mental health. These latest findings suggest a positive shift in how employees are communicating with their workplaces about their emotional wellbeing.

Whilst this still indicates that stigma remains a barrier for people talking about their mental health at work, it is a promising sign that people are beginning to speak out when they need more rest, emotional support, and time away from their desks.

These findings are especially pertinent during this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which focuses on anxiety. Anxiety is a natural response particularly in these current times of uncertainty. It is important to become aware of when we may need additional support with emotions such as anxiety so that it does not negatively impact on our lives.

Nuffield Health mental health prevention lead Lisa Gunn said:

“We are passionate about building a healthier nation and know that challenging work environments and stress can have a huge knock-on effect on both our physical and mental wellbeing.

“As well as the day-to-day worries that come with our personal and working lives, employees have also had to deal with the impact of a global pandemic and now the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. All these stressors combined can significantly affect the mental health of employees, so it’s more important than ever that businesses find ways to create open, transparent, and connected workplace environments.

“When people feel supported and able to reach out to their employer, this can have a positive impact on their mental health alone and help them better address feelings of worry and anxiety.

“That’s why we are calling on other UK workplaces to #Find5 minutes to look after their bodies and minds.  Just by spending five extra minutes on personal wellbeing a day can significantly boost mental and physical health.”

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