PASMA releases free guidance on new scaffold tower standard

With changes to BS EN 1004 taking full effect later this year, PASMA is urging all businesses using mobile access towers to use the transition period wisely.

FASET – as the established trade association and training body for the safety netting and temporary safety systems industry – is pleased to share the press release from PASMA, below.

FASET Members work collectively to create a great amount of free to access guidance, which can be downloaded from to help those working at height. The guidance created provides good practices for contractors and provides understanding of the working at height industry for clients.

PASMA, the not-for-profit industry body, has released comprehensive guidance to help organisations understand the updates included in the new standard and most importantly, how it affects them. The free document is aimed at anyone who buys, hires, owns or uses mobile access towers or is responsible for height safety in the workplace. It explains:

  • The new definition of a mobile access tower
  • The four main areas of change
  • A timeline for the roll-out
  • How (and when) to start preparing
  • How to choose safe towers for work and home

The new standard brings a wider range of towers into scope, along with a raft of new measures to make them safer than ever, so it’s essential that safety-conscious organisations are up to speed.

The revision of BS EN 1004 (now known as BS EN 1004 Part 1) took 10 years from start to finish, and PASMA participated extensively, with the support of its members, to help shape the updates. The association is now using its experience and inside knowledge to help the whole industry prepare.

Don Aers, Technical Director at PASMA, commented: “The old standard won’t be withdrawn until November, so you have time. The first step is to assess your current situation – does you purchasing policy include guidance on selecting quality equipment? If you own towers, are they certified to the right standard? Are they in good working condition? These are the things organisations should be focused on now and PASMA’s guidance talks them through this audit process step by step.

The guidance is available at:

Don Aers is presenting a webinar on BS EN 1004 Part 1 on 9th March 2021 as part of PASMA’s Tower Week celebrations. Safety professionals, managers and company directors are invited to attend:

Read more FASET news here.

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