FASET delivers first industry webinar on platform decking

On 4th November, Tony Seddon, Managing Director of FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) delivered a webinar to give industry practitioners a comprehensive overview of platform decking, including the benefits, the do’s and don’ts and introduce FASET’s supply partners of the various systems available.

The webinar began with an introduction to FASET:

FASET was formed in 1999 when safety netting was a new industry in the UK. At that time, the industry was comprised of manufacturers and suppliers, providing a plethora of mixed messages. FASET gave a single, clear and understandable voice to the industry.

FASET audits its members with a focus on specialists areas as well as general ones. FASET has a standalone partner scheme with CSCS, which is coming very soon.

Introducing platform decking

Internal birdcage scaffolding is expensive and time consuming to use. Platform decking was born out of a need for a more efficient and flexible – and highly robust – alternative and is set to replace birdcage scaffolding.

Platform decking systems can incorporate edge protection. The common components are:

  • Supporting legs
  • Platform panel
  • Securing pins/bungee ties
  • Cam/Securing straps/Devices
  • Base/Head plate/Collar
  • System-specific components e.g. edge protection

In the pyramid of working at height regulations, platform decking falls within ‘Other Measures to Prevent Falls’ – after ‘Avoid working at Height’.

It is important to state that platform decking is NOT a fall arrest system. Put simply, falling onto the hard surface of platform decking, while preferable to falling to the ground, is likely to cause injury.

Guidance on platform decking usage includes:

  • General guidance
  • Safety alert on falls

The qualification route to working with platform decking systems:

  • Obtain provisional CSCS card
  • Training (FASET course)
  • Manufacturer specifics, followed by assessment
  • FASET certificate for manufacturer system
  • Add additional decking systems to CSCS card

Safety requirements for platform decking:

  • They require safe and clear access and egress to the site

The webinar ended with a Question and Answer session from registered webinar attendees. These clearly showed the benefits of platform decking:

  • The cost difference between platform decking or traditional scaffolding is between £10 and £20 per square metres less, or 50% less.
  • Platform decking is 70% faster to erect than traditional scaffolding and is more lightweight.
  • Platform decking doesn’t typically weaken over time. Damage is the biggest enemy.
  • All materials are fully recyclable.

You can watch the webinar in full here: http://clients.mercury-web.co.uk/faset/FInal%20trimmed_v2.mp4

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