Everything Net Zero – an introduction

Everything Net Zero has been established to provide those in the public sector charged with meeting their organisations’ net zero targets with a dynamic, compliant and innovative supply chain marketplace.

It provides end-to-end, depth and breadth solutions covering everything from;

  • advisory and planning – estates and the circular economy
  • design, architecture, engineering and technologies
  • construction, retrofit and facilities management services
  • green energy, and energy consumption reduction and monitoring
  • water and waste management; to
  • sustainable transport and EV fleet/ charging.

Why does the industry need everything net zero?

The UK requires the public sector to play its role in positively responding to climate change and inspiring action on an international stage. Everything Net Zero will provide the full range of solutions to help meet these ambitions. We will actively promote what our supply chain can deliver; innovations and solutions to meet the public sector’s complex net zero strategies in addition to being just an efficient and effective route to market.

The Government’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, supporting green jobs and accelerating our path to net zero, demonstrates the UK’s significant and continuing commitment to tackling greenhouse gas emissions. The plan can deliver up to an estimated £42 billion of private investment by 2030 across energy, buildings, transport, innovation and the natural environment, which the public sector can benefit from. The Government has also published its Net-Zero Estate Playbook detailing how it plans to decarbonise public sector buildings, including schools, hospitals and prisons, in line with national targets. It outlines the practices that should be adopted to deliver the 78% reduction in emissions from the public sector estate that the Government promised by 2035.

Government-owned buildings notably account for around 2% of the UK’s total annual domestic emissions, or around 9% of the UK’s total building-related yearly emissions. The Government’s estate is the largest in the UK and is seeking to reduce emissions from public sector buildings by 75% by 2037. The guidance included in the document, which is intended for public sector organisations and government workers, covers all steps of decarbonisation, from updating energy and emissions audits, to securing the necessary funding, to installing mature technologies and testing emerging solutions, to monitoring progress post-installation and, finally, offsetting residual emissions.


“Everything Net Zero was designed to provide public sector buyers with:

  • A full range of compliant solutions, services, products and support
  • Ultimate flexibility with a dynamic supply chain to encourage innovation
  • Compliance and speed to market aligning to the forthcoming Procurement Bill
  • Simplicity and transparency – removing bureaucratic procedures

Chris Kastel, Chief Executive Officer, E2BN, said: “Best value to the user is guaranteed, but we have also built in excellent service standards, ensuring continuing support and impartial advice throughout the lifetime of the contract.”

Simon Rule, CEO, Place Group, said: “No single organisation can be an expert in all areas of sustainability or have the full range of services that can deliver green agenda solutions to the wider public sector. This is why Everything Net Zero – covering every aspect of the public sector’s need for solutions to meet the Government’s 2035 (78%) and 2050 (100%) emissions deadlines – is so ingenious. It allows for the creation of a unique, broad supply chain of specialist sustainability solution providers. Together they can deliver on the UK’s net zero commitments.

“We are so passionate about social value that we helped establish a multi-academy trust and give our time freely to help our schools deliver excellent teaching and learning to thousands of pupils in some of the most challenged areas of London.”

As a formally tendered contract, Everything Net Zero has been awarded to Place Group Limited. Place Group has 20 years of experience supporting innovation and social value in the public sector. With over 6,000 clients, Place Group’s innovative solutions have helped save over £50million.

Email: contact@everythingnetzero.org.uk

Tel: 0845 257 0081 Web: everythingnetzero.org.uk

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