2023 Safety Report from NASC

As a founder member of the AIF, FASET is pleased to share the story below from the AIF’s news page (https://accessindustryforum.org.uk/2023/06/06/nasc-launches-its-2023-safety-report/).

The latest NASC Safety Report reveals the lowest Accident Incident Rate (AIR) and Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) since we began tracking data in 1975 – even with a 10% year-on-year rise in scaffolders surveyed, totalling 17,315 operatives – proving regulated, audited membership makes for safer scaffolding.

It is a criterion of NASC contracting membership to supply the trade body with official accident and injury statistics year on year – which are compiled into the conclusive report, which features all the data and analysis, accessible for everyone to see, along with a speech from new NASC President, David Brown.

The 2023 Safety Report indisputably proves audited, regulated, NASC membership leads to safe scaffolding and access operations.

The organisation’s 240+ contracting member firms recorded a reduction in RIDDORs of 90 in 2021, to 67 in 2022 – representing a 26% RIDDOR accident rate reduction in 2022 (with a 63% reduction in the 16-20 age bracket), despite a 10% rise of scaffolding workforce numbers, to 17,315 operatives.

And the 2023 NASC Safety Report also revealed the lowest accident incident rate (AIR) and accident Frequency rate (AFR) – of 3.87 and 0.20 respectively – since data started being collected, back in 1975, resulting in even more NASC member company employees working without incident or harm at work.

NASC President, David Brown, of IBN Scaffold Access Ltd said: “We are fast approaching our 80th Anniversary year in 2025 and when we look back on our previous years, our figures for 2022 speak for themselves – proving that our members are proactive in their approach to improving health and safety for their employees and also for the wider construction industry who use our scaffolds on a daily basis.

“All contractor members are continually audited to ensure the highest health and safety standards, which can be borne out by the annual accident statistics, which have shown an overall reduction in RIDDOR accidents this year. And it is especially pleasing to see a 63% reduction in injuries to the 16-20 age bracket, which shows the importance of arranging early CISRS training, such as COTS, for trainees and labourers.

“And the NASC’s updated SG6 Manual handling guidance suite should assist in reducing incidents further, when that is released soon. I’d like to thank each and every one of our NASC Members for sending in their accident returns in order to produce the NASC Safety Report 2023 and their continuing efforts in preventing harm.”

NASC Managing Director, Dave Mosley said: “Another safety report and another year of data that proves that our strictly audited, highly regulated, well trained and proactive membership operate in the safest possible manner – proving why main contractors should only specify NASC member companies, who are fully transparent with their accident data.”

NASC Health and Safety Manager, Steve Kearney added: “We can all be very proud of the work that the NASC and its contracting members are doing to make this inherently dangerous industry safer, day by day – ultimately meaning more people work on and safely go home off NASC membership scaffolding structures. It’s great news for the sector.”

The 2023 NASC Safety Report is available to view on the NASC website here: https://nasc.org.uk/information/safety-reports/

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