Tensioned Access Platforms

This exciting new area of our industry provides a tensioned working area for a range of follow on trades, allowing for maintenance work and the like to be carried out without the need for specialist access techniques or equipment such as birdcage scaffolding.

It involves tensioning a “material” between the structural members, creating a strong and stable platform from which workers can carry out their work.

A number of different systems are becoming available, each using different materials and attachment systems. FASET has undertaken to have a test rig manufactured to ensure that each of these systems are capable of providing a safe working platform for all trades.

Guidance has been produced and once testing and computerised modelling has been completed, FASET will be developing further guidance on the safe erection, use and dismantling of these systems, as well as what to look for in a contractor and their labourers undertaking the work.


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    FASET-TAP-01 Tensioned-Access-Platforms-Rev-2

    FASET-TAP-02 Inspection Requirements for Tensioned Access Platforms

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