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Unauthorised Mixing of Platform Decking components

Within the FASET Platform Decking Committee membership, there are a number of systems that are similar in materials and design. There might be a tendency to think that these similar systems are compatible with one another due to the fact they may, by chance, fit together.

As a working platform, Platform Decking is designed, manufactured and tested to conform to a number of standards to ensure it is safe to use and fit for purpose. Although each component is tested for strength and durability individually, the crucial test criterion to comply with the standards is that all components are tested together as a ‘system’.

All FASET members’ systems are fully tested as a system to the required standards, and no FASET Platform Decking manufacturer member company has ever tested a ‘mixed’ component system.

It must be noted that any mixing of components from two or more similar manufacturers systems could have catastrophic consequences and is therefore NOT permitted under any circumstances.

End users or installation companies who purchase a number of different systems to fit their customer base, should ensure that they never mix components and contact their supplier if they need any further information on this subject.

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The house building industry is always looking for more efficient and safer ways of working, when installing brickwork, blockwork, floor joists and rafters, Many are turning to Access Platform Decking, which combines a collective working platform, with quick installation and strength, allowing users to safely access, work from and load the decking with materials.

The committee is currently working to develop guidance and training on these specialist systems which will undoubtedly become more commonplace. Please visit this section of the website regularly for updates on progress.



Access Platform Decking Guidance Note Rev 3

FASET-Bulletin-on-Access-Hatches (1)

Safety alert on falls from height on upper floors in house building and other construction

FASET-APD-01 Inspection Requirements for Platform Decking (1)

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FASET-APD-02 Cross-Contamination of Access Platform Decking Systems

FASET-APD-03 Upper Floor Acess Hatches

FASET-APD-04 Misuse of Access Platform Decking Systems

FASET-APD-05 Plot Access

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