14th December 2016


homepage-imageWith falls from height still the single biggest cause of fatalities and injuries in the workplace, there is an imperative to get ‘falls from height reporting right’.

Because of the systematic absence of structured and sufficiently detailed information to identify the root cause of an incident, it is often impossible to arrive at a complete understanding of the nature and circumstances of a fall from the information provided.

For example, was access equipment involved? If so, what type? Did that equipment, or its misuse, play a part in the incident?

Against this background there is a compelling need for a more comprehensive and meaningful reporting system to better inform equipment design, guidance and training going forward.

There is also a requirement for statutory authorities to recognise, and, more importantly, take full advantage of the experience and experience of expert organisations such as FASET - and the other member organisations of the Access Industry Forum - when evaluating and assessing falls from height.

Finally, it is important for industry and trade and professional bodies to unite in lobbying for change and innovation to the existing system.

FASET is doing its part by providing a facility for falls to be reported anonymously through the FASET website. It will help provide a more accurate picture of how, how often and in what way a safety net is actually being deployed.